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Default Re: Do we take the most simplest things for granite DiSCOVER and Get ready to Die

Yes… Exactly…

bp is to dq, as pq is to db, as is 69 is to 96, and when you con struct (Orange cones on the highway), you will build a freeway on/off ramp intersection, a loop de loop of flowing energy.

You have to know what you are con structing and then take the time to let the construction pass through the phases as the next phase cannot start until the last phase is complete. If you never ‘allow’ the time to pass for a phase to complete you will not get to the next phase. Tear down to build up, let go to get back, entropy and growth, a chaotic order of fragments and pieces rearranging themselves towards building anew. There is an existing harmonic of ‘structure’ (building instructions), a template of song, a frequency of instructions, that is already subtlety singing that provides the blueprint of re arranging the energy flow. ‘G’ I wonder what that could be? When ignored it has no effect and passes on, however when understood and paid attention too, the building can begin. Doesn’t make sense does it? Taking action- go go go all the time is the only way anything gets done, but if I do nothing how is anything going to get accomplished? When one interrupts the harmonic flow mainly because of their stubbornness they are De ‘mon’ ing themselves.

Hitler and Buddha, same goal, two paths, one symbol, reflected in 11:11. It is the understanding of what and how ‘it’ all works that separates the two paths. And as long as the Di v iD ing is allowed to continue than the existing harmonic has no chance and those; tptb, that have set up alternate harmonics to capture your attention for themselves, have to ex spend their energy in trumping the naturally occurring harmonic that is always constructing nature. We are all either supporting the go go go control harmonic or we are allowing the natural harmonics of nature to begin its “Great Work” within us! To rearrange the loop de loop of energy flowing through us in the right direction. Apple Pi anyone? AP; The Freedom of the im press weighs in on your freewill of understanding, control the mind control the person! Controlling the mind will prevent naturally occurring harmonics from beginning co-struction. And just as confusing is that there is no point in doing nothing until you understand why you are doing nothing.

Union 76 and 76 trombones in a big parade, 7 days and 6 nights, a perfect 13th cycle. 13 full ‘mons’ every 28 days to complete a 52 w33k cycle of completing the 20 aspects of the beauty and the beast to perfection. A Thanksgiving day parade of all the animations needed to grasp the understandings in order to orchestrate the co-struction of building a new Lu ‘mon,’ “Luminous Mon”. As long as one believes 97% of the ‘junk’ they have is just junk then so be it. A rowdy kid is put in the corner and wears a ‘Dunce cap’ until he can behave again. His energy was going the wrong way, and affecting the others. So the kid has to just ‘Stop’ for a little bit, let the wrong flowing energy unwind and come to a zero point, and then ‘Allow’ more time to pass in order for the ‘current’ energy to begin to get in tune with itself and flow the right way, to escalate into a crescendo, to get the symphony up and running again.

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