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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

i feel this video can be our anthem:

also came acroos this yesterday about this coming year...exactly how i am feeling as well:


During 2009, everything that is false, that is based on selfish
greed or the illusion of separation or that lacks integrity will be
ultra magnified until it fails. All that is true and integrous will
succeed. This puts everything ON THE LINE for us. Do we follow the
road that takes us to our Wildest Dreams or do we continue traveling
on the road that is quickly turning into a nightmare?

Throughout the year, many of us will relocate to the places of our
New Lives if we're real and true and if our personal matrix is clear.
Even if we don't physically move to a new location, our immediate
environment will be noticeably different. Once this happens, there
will be a dramatic shift of the people and props in our life; our new
careers will be revealed; our One True Loves will be met. Even our
daily routines and accustomed habits will change.

Regarding jobs and careers: In 2009 we will have much greater
success creating our own jobs and working with like minded others than
working at old duality-based jobs. This is because the whole
duality-based economy is in the process of Null-Zoning.

This is the year for the Emergence of the True Ones. People all
over the world will openly step into their full mastery so they can
fulfill their true purpose. There will be a dramatic changing of the
guard and passing of the sceptres of responsibility.

And all the while, everything built upon the illusion of duality
will continue to fall apart….

This can make walking through 2009 challenging at times. We need
to be ultra aware of what is going on in the world, yet we have to be
careful not to get pulled into it. No matter what is happening around
us, we must follow a clear trajectory into the New and True.

2009 has two very distinct parts, each with an unique focus.


The first half of the year from January through May resembles a
construction site with all the workers arriving at the same time to
begin work on a large project. Each person has their own special
skills which are greatly needed to complete the mammoth project in
front of us. There is much to achieve in a short time which requires
tremendous focus and effort from us. And although there is a blur of
heightened activity, if we remain focused on our goal, much can be
achieved with a minimum of stress.

During this time, there will be lots of Ho'o Pono Pono or Making
Things Right taking place. We will continually scour our beings to
find anything that holds us back or keeps us untrue. One of the things
that we must get free of is being held back by the control of the
petty tyrant of our ego. We simply can't be ego driven any more if we
want to become True Beings. When we put on the false garments of the
ego, we are trying to cover up our feelings of insecurity and
inadequacy, that we are not good enough. This false veneer may fool
some people; it may make us temporarily feel better, but it only holds
us back from being real and true. Our egos absolutely need to be
brought into alignment with our True Core Selves in order for us to
travel on the road of Emergence. There is nothing better than being
our True Core Self. It's no longer about acquiring power or knowledge;
it's about being real.

Others things that can hold us back are doubting what we really
know to be true, the fear of failure that we won't be good enough,
lack of confidence in our own abilities, and the fear of leaping
without a visible safety net. All of these elements must be removed
from our personal matrix as soon as possible.

We must now clear up any remaining residue of the past and heal
any wounds that we accumulated during our journey. There will be much
focus on completing the old. We will be sifting through everything,
getting rid of old stuff both inside ourselves and in our outer
environment. We will be tying up loose threads and closing many old
chapters of our lives. At the same time, we will acquire essential
tools and skills for our New Lives. Many things will be shifted out of
their old positions into new temporary ones. On many levels we will
feel that we are in transit.

Part of our vast letting go of the past will be stepping out of
unfulfilling relationships, jobs and activities. Much is on the move
during these months. Many of us will relocate during this time. If so,
we may not move directly to our final destination, but rather to a
temporary position within the right area.

We will also experience a series of things clicking into position.
This includes meeting key people from our New Lives and a clicking in
with our outer environment. We will be integrating some of the people
we already know with ones whom we've just met. This will create a new
energy dynamic. We will discover that we are not meant to do things by
ourselves anymore, that our greatest success comes with working with
others in mutual support. Many of us will come together with kindred
people to form new communities of mutual support. Living and working
with kindred people will immeasurably strengthen our position for it
is the way of the New.

Around March, we will be looking for our right new situation,
especially regarding where we live and the new work we will do. We
will be testing the waters, making new connections and finding a place
to land as we organize our New Life. We will be dealing with lots of
practicalities. This will continue in April as we get more settled and
start spreading out our roots to see what's there. We will also
experience a creative surge that is inspired by our new landscape. And
the waters of the River of new True Love will start flowing….

May brings us a change of gears that signifies a powerful shift.
The Surf rises to tsunami proportions to bring us major quantum
breakthroughs that will move us to an entirely new level that we
barely knew existed. This is when we will see the first new shoots of
the plants we have put into our new landscape rise to the surface. We
are swept along in the rising currents of the River of new True Love
as it flows into the Ocean of Love.


The month of June stands by itself. It is a mega Turning Point
which vastly transforms us. The pivot that has held things into their
old positions make its final turn and everything shifts into its new
position. Any remaining veils suddenly drop away and the wonder of our
new landscape is fully revealed. During this time, we will suddenly
see things that we didn't know existed. This will occur on the
physical all around us. It will feel like our color spectrum suddenly
expands, enabling us to see new colors. In June we will also
experience our first MUA as the New Matrix of One True Love is finally
born. This will fling open the floodgates of Pure Heart True Love.


For the rest of the year, we will move comfortably into our New
Lives. It won't be difficult to adjust; it will feel natural. We will
be joining together with our true people to live and work together.
There will be a strong sense of connectedness with kindred people,
even with those who live on the other side of the planet. The sleeping
giant of our One Being will finally shake off its slumber and arise
into its magnificence. Sharing responsibility and serving as One, we
will finally be doing what we really came here to do on a vast scale.
At the same time, we will finally be able to turn our attention to our
personal needs and desires, taking care of any health issues that
we've neglected from lack of time or lack of funds.

Those who are true and real will be traveling on a massive Fast
Track. Yet, although much will be happening, it will not be
overwhelming because we will be doing it together as ONE.

Our long suppressed creativity will spill out to the surface. Our
One True Loves will be at our side. We will joyously live our Wildest
Dreams filled with LOVE beyond anything presently imaginable.

And all the while, everything built upon the illusion of duality
will continue to fall apart….


Make the Great Year of 2009 bring you
the Breakthrough of All Breakthroughs
the Fulfillment of your Wildest Dreams
and the Love of All Loves.

With Deepest LOVE from my Heart of Hearts,


Copyright Solara 2009
All Rights Reserved

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