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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Remember when meditiating.... limber up before hand strech your limbs and roll your pelvis as well normal sport type limbering up.... (Opens energy blocks) run on the spot for a minute while really deeply breathing filling your lungs... you will find you are no longer breathless but your blood is oxeginated..... when you pull in the colum of light from the cosmic centre in through the top of your head.... also drop an anchor from your base chakra (perinum... between anus and frontal genital)... usally a golden cord in to the iron core centre of the planet (this earths you) then let the colm of light you pull from your head pass down through your body igniting each (chakra which are spinning wheels spinning clockwise facing from your back to your front.) your crown (head) chakra and your bass (Perinium) are the only ones that face up and down with a colum that passes from your head to your bum. this colum runs up the spine and it is where your kundilini (red) enegy rises from your base to your crown igniting your pineal gland central brain and third eye, just under the crwon chakra. You also have a chakra a foot or so below your body and one that floats a foot or so above your head.... As you pull the light through your body, it passes out of your hands you will feeel a heat comming from your hands and your arms will lift slightly with the energy flow... you'll know what I'm talknig about as you feeli t happen.... pull in the light and hold the planet in a ball of light between your hands or if you have formed a circle and have joined hands...imagine the big ball of light with the planet in side it, right in the centre of the circle of people. Set your heart chakra ablaze and send the ball of light with the world in the centre ...pure unconditional love light from your sacrred heart chakra.... Breath in very slowly and hold for a beat then in some more and hold for a beat then in some more and hold for a beat, then breath out very slowley..... connect with the sole of Gaia.... it'll be great fun.... this is just some practicle advise for those who havn't meditiat before... it's only sugestions.... I can't wait for the sounds that Phied piper is working on.... love to you all Antonia

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