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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi Czymra,

Glad that you brought up these topics.

Now that the syphoning aspect is out in the open again (remember, I did mention my awareness of it towards the beginning with regards to the 'Fire the Grid' thing), I can make it clear that I do have protective measures, but unfortunately I cannot discuss them openly. The best clue I can give is in my second reply to the second topic you brought up:

The difference between this event and previous events of peace/meditation/etc. (as I too have consulted the result logs of noosphere, if that's where you are referencing more, if not, all the more corroboration to the important distinction I am trying to make!), is that:

- We are working with synchronization on many different levels, both timeframe-wise, and in the contents of the files themselves

- In the case of previous events, people are free to reach whatever level, in a sense, they are more or less on their own with what they are doing

- In the case of this effort, at the exact same time, people are entraining their brainwaves to a naturally resonant frequency of the ionosphere (Schumann). Mixed in is an approximation of the counterbalancing geomagnetic frequencies (if you are familiar with the work of Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, whom I think could do the world a lot of good if he released the exact frequency list, but of course that would compromise the exclusivity of the devices that use his therapy).

- Further elements will be included pending predicted results. I am working with a few different predictive models and although I won't be turning this into a complex experiment or anything (I will work locally and in smaller groups for that purpose), I will be adding elements cumulatively rather than throwing a complex entrainment track into the mix right from day one.

For example, if you are curious, the prediction for the first model is that people might find themselves falling asleep very easily, especially those meditating while lying down. Later I will introduce another layer to the entrainment file that should alleviate the likelihood. Still later another layer will be added that will introduce simultaneous excitation in much the same way has been found in the EEG readouts of very advanced meditators.

What we are doing is making it so that people don't have to dedicate their whole lifetimes towards experiencing advanced meditation effects. By the same token, they are contributing in a much larger capacity than they would have otherwise, and this is the reason we are expecting a very noticeable effect if we can get our numbers up.

It's like triggering the sympathetic vibration of the entire earth if we do it exactly right.

In the meantime, I led a several month long overview on the side of my other work in the following thread - I recommend a reading for anyone who would like more of the background info. - I also published a preliminary scientific research paper to the thread towards the end that will give anyone curious about the technical aspect of it all a good idea of just how much is being put into this:

This is probably enough background information for the time being. I really want to pair further information with practical developments in the files themselves (meaning I'd like to have the link to the 1st draft file posted asap so people can *hear* what I mean before continuing)...

thanks for everyone's encouragement and participation thus far.

PS: Grillflame is where i will be officially conducting some of the smaller trials on the side, by the way (individual perceptual feedback, preferably with trained meditators, for anyone who cares to join us there in the Tutorials section)
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