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My name is PJ im from Columbus, Ohio.. Im interested in getting involved or orginizing a ground crew to support project camelot. Id like to spread the word with weekly meetings in public places. Most likely Downtown Columbus. Where a few of us could get together and have each other for support when the oposition come knocking and asking questions. Im looking set up a tabel, Make some signs, and print up cards (similar to those that advertise night clubs or events) that advertise project camelot and their interviews avilable, as well as project avalon forum. If any one has any good connections on printing please let me know. Id like to do this in an awakaning/educational fasion, rather than a dooms day is coming time to prepare sort of thing. I believe dooms day can be diverted we just must increase the speed of our awakining in order to shut down these evil powers as quickly as possible. This way we take there power and stop this madness imediatlly. Then we can move on to our next faze in life. The unity of people on earth. If you have beter or other ideas please shoot them my way. Id like to link up ohioans thru some sort of messenger, maybe aim. so we can discuss when and where to meet as well as pull togewther our resources to start an awakining. please contact me if interested or already have a crew i could be a part of.
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