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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Ė Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

But as you said, we're going to die anyway.. What's the point on this planetary meditation?
My friend, look deep inside your heart and you will see the point... Otherwise you can not.

Is it important to be alive the moment the Nexus arrives?
We are always alive.

If you think of physical existence Ė It is. But if that isnít possible, itís important to sustain in a fully conscious state inside one of immaterial bodies, of who you are and what is going on.

As I previously pointed out, the lowest layers of Earthís astral dimension are not safe at the moment, which is not the case everywhere. This solar system seems to be quarantined.

Anyway, I will try to share few more thoughts and conclusions that I come up throughout the years.

Please consider this only as my perspective and treat it only as suchÖ

The lowest layers of the Earthís astral plane (we are talking about huge area) are not safe because something had happened long ago here on Earth.

The evidence that I have trucking for so long, points (once again itís only my observation, nothing more) that this anomaly happened as a result of using extreme advance technology in dark purposes.

The closest that I come up with, was some kind of destructive technology that was used by the evil beings from Atlantis. Does those beings responsible for this originated from the Atlantis or did they come from the stars and took over, I just do not know at this moment.

Anyway, the result was a major break-up, fissure, opening, some kind of sharp cut or what ever you want to call it, in the lower region of what we today in our terminology we refer to as Astral Plane.

It became known as Great Void.

It also wiped out almost everything, cities, civilizations and most important of all it almost destroyed all life on Earth and imprisoned Gaya.

They used large obelisks on the exact planetary spots with a purpose to block the Divine Energy of what we are referring as life force of the Planet or Gaya.

Just as the same as acupuncture needles on a physical body Ė the same knowledge just on the planetary level.

However, letís continueÖ

As far as I can tell it happened somewhere between 10500 BC Ė 35000 BC.

The damage was so great that the planet is experiencing its effect even today.

Compare todayís HAARP technology development and multiply it by 20 centuries further research and development, and you will get a good picture what kind of weapon Iím talking about.

In fact this weapon made a large cut in the astral plane so the Divine Creation can not shine on this plane of existence and that is why now we have so much Evil present on the planet. But the main damage was that the weapon opened a vortex which allowed powerful Entity of Darkness to come to this planet.

It allowed a whole legion of mighty dark beings to come over, but this powerful Entity of Darkness was the worst. And still is.

I believe you are guessing - The All Seeing Eye.

That is why the ones who are "CONDUIT CLOSING" (which gives you the answer for: Is it important the earth is vibrating in a specific frequency when Nexus arrives?) are insisting that we remember or at least we understand this.

That is why in the most ancient secret esotheric symbolism is always depicted as being inside the deep black empty space shining with beams.
After that, what was left on the physical plane of existence, split as Rama from the east side, and Olmec and Egyptian Empire from the west side.
Rama originated directly from Lemuria and Egypt and Olmec in Central America directly from Atlantis.

The beings from Rama lived in harmony and balance with the nature, the other ones were attracted to technology, hierarchy, total control, slavery, blood sacrifices and similar that is clearly depicted in the Inca and Maya temples. Beings from Rama were living according the Law of One, and the others were living according that everything is divided, separate from the source and that everything that exist around serves to fulfil their needs and pleasures, or simple - the strongest rules.

All this Illuminati vibration, if you start to trace it back in time, in fact originates from Ancient Atlantis. What we dealing at this moment is building of a New Atlantis based on a idea of the first one.

I have no time to go further into this huge subject but my point is this:

The Nexus will fix this astral fissure and the Light from higher harmonics of the Universe will be able to penetrate and shine again.

That is why the ancient records are referring as the Return of the Golden Age. The ones who will be left in 3D reality after the Nexus is gone, will face a New Era of Light.

Itís like a wire cut off in electrical circuit.

But if you connect the wire again, you have voltage back and electrical current as result of that. In other words Iím talking about fixing the damage that was done, by rearranging the whole structure of the Matrix (Normal Mater, Dark Mater, Dark Energy) and allowing electrical spiritual current to flow top to the bottom of the Universe and vice versa Ė again.

How the Creator will deal with this All Seeing Eye, itís above my reach of understanding. But it will surely reprogram the whole structure of the Matrix where it reaches. And what is more important we have to play our role in this entire scenario.

For some reason, the Creator usually reprograms the Matrix from the centers of the Galaxies, and I have combined some of the peaces gathered from everywhere so that we can see some picture and sound. Itís far from the exact one but we are getting somewhere.

I can assure you that not in any moment I do not consider myself special. In fact I have more questions that probably you do.

As I stated before, there are no masters in this, no prophets, no messiahs.

We are all equal and we are all ONE.

Its interesting, in this moment, the more you learn about this, the more you realize how small we are and how big the Universe is.

Anyway, the problem with this Great Void was, and still is, that in most cases when someone physically dies, the life force had to face this Great Void which obviously has some unusual properties of cutting the memory of the previous experience, so when you reincarnate again you do not remember anything before and all your previous assimilated experience and knowledge is lost.

You still keep it in your DNA structure, in you subconscious, but its still a blackout and in most cases unreachable.

This is probably very complex for most of you, but is not. Once you learn the basic moves, you are starting to see a pattern and you learn more and more. But itís a long way home, and that is why those cosmic beams coming from the Galactic centre depicted in the crop formations, are so important for the Life here on Earth.

Is it important the earth is vibrating in a specific frequency?
Yes it is. It is essential.

Please consider that I have explained only the basics of the nature of the Nexus. There is plenty more that I didnít mention at all, or I only had touched huge subjects on the surface.

Plus there are things about Nexus that I still donít understand and Iím waiting for further input.

The game will start again for those, who were collected by the "all seeing eye". All the others are going to be safed as you mentioned.
I hope Iím wrong about this, but the logic points that the dark entities under the control of the All Seeing Eye, have to realize a Secret Plan behind the scene.

Btw, all that we see in the public domain is nothing but the theatre. Some are tricked by it completely, some see through the deception more or less, but the fact is that more are clearing their sights. When you remove all the layers you start to face what Iím talking about.

As I was saying earlier, we have visitations from distant places but Orion constellation surfaces back and back. The Giza Pyramids were exact match of the star map of Orion 10500 BC.

There is one good video file about the investigation of KGB in 1962 in the Giza Plato.

Itís called ďThe Secret KGB Abduction FilesĒ. Here is a part of the documentary.

Lets proceedÖThe analysis from the M12 papers, thousands of other top secret papers etc, points that the malevolent race from Orion will try to trap the consciousness of most of the humanity into giant force fields, souls will be put into blackness or in a dream like hologram appearance, put in large containers and dislocated on other systems far away from the Nexus.

The performance and the evidence had shown that those multidimensional beings have the technology and knowledge to do pull this off easily.
That is, departing the souls of 5/6 of the human kind to the astral dimension and picking them up from there into huge electro-magnetic force fields, then shipped to large ships and transported to other systems far away from this galaxy with the purpose to put them in other cloned bio-computers and continue the needed exploitation.

Most beings stop at this investigation. But there are some who went for itÖjust to see how really deep the rabbit hole is. And what they discovered Öit doesnít look nice.

That is why the Nexus is so important. And yes this has much to do with saving as much souls we can.

And much moreÖ

That is why they started to map the higher planes of existence. Thatís how Bardo Thodol - The Tibetan Book of the Dead", and The Egyptian Book of the Dead were created.

They both talking about the Great Void but they are pointing to different directions as they were referring different realities of immaterial word.
In first sight, it seems that one of these books is false.

-No, they were both right.

In this physical reality if you go to Bangkok, Moscow, Kathmandu, Las Vegas, etc., you will face a different reality, different culture, different life stile, different achievements and intentions etc.

The Life on Astral Plane above East and West was different.

I know that this differs from everything you have read in the esotheric books but itís true. But itís another major story, that we have no time to get into at the moment.

Note: Not to be misunderstood. This Great Void is not visible in the average out of the body experience. A person cad perform astral travel all his/her life in the closest astral layer to the physical plane and never to detect it, because is simple on other wavelength. But the Consciousness that has permanently left the physical body is usually by default in a vehicle that matches the Great Void vibrations and that is why in most cases is pulled here after the physical ride is over. It is usually experienced as an astral flight through a dark, deep and long tunnel with the Light on the End.

You are probably guessing what that Bright Light is.

The Eye on the Top of the Pyramid Ė The All-Seeing Eye!

Itís starting to make sense? Does it?

This is not happening to every case, but Ö That is why the Nexus is so important.

Anyway, I do not want to focus my energy in this direction too much. Lets live it for some other time.

Letís go backÖ

The both described this Great Void as not a safe place for souls and give instruction how to pass it safely.

The ancient knowledge that was left in the Bardo Thodol describes the nature of the beams that are shining in the Great Void and where they lead.
Anyway, to solve the problem of loosing the memory and the assimilated knowledge of the being that was at the end of his physical path, they used ancient knowledge and technology to transfer the consciousness from one body directly to another one with bigger proportions.

O yes, there were giants those days.

The atmosphere was bigger; the mana was present in abundance, there were beings with four, six arms, some half fish-half human, animals grow bigger and the plants were gigantic.

But the evidence points that there was truly five different levels of human consciousness possible here on Earth.

I came across this in few books but it was mentioned the best in the book The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life by Melchizedek Drunvalo.

He was saying that he got this input from entity by the name Thoth, which at the time I took with great reserve, but when we started our own research trying to find the evidence of the same in the East, and when we started to find this everywhere on the territory of Ancient Rama it started to spin in our heads.

In short, this is excerpt of his book:

The Five Levels of Human Consciousness and Their Chromosomal Differences
According to Thoth, there are five different levels of human consciousness possible here on Earth.

These are people who have different DNA, completely different bodies and different ways of perceiving the Reality.

Each level of consciousness grows from the last one, until finally on the fifth level human being learns how to translate into a whole new manner of expressing life, reaching Nirvana and leaving Earth forever!

The primary visual difference between these types is their height.

-The first-level people are about 4 to 6 feet tall.

-The second-level people are about 5 to 7 feet tall, where we are at now.

-Third-level people are about 10 to 16 feet tall.

-The fourth-level being is about 30 to 35 feet tall.

-The fifth and the last is about 50 to 60 feet.

This may seem strange at first, but do we not begin as a microscopic egg and get larger and larger until we are born?

Then we continue to grow taller and taller until we are adults. According to this theory, the human adult is not the end of our growth pattern.
We continue through DNA steps until we are 50 to 60 feet tall.

Metatron, the Hebrew archangel who is the perfection of what humanity is supposed to become, is 55 feet tall!

Remember the giants who lived here on Earth referred to in chapter 6 of Genesis?

According to the Sumerian records, they were about 10 to 16 feet tall. When we look at a three-year-old and a ten-year-old, we know that they have different levels of consciousness, and it is primarily by their height that we make this judgment.

According to Thoth, each level of consciousness has different DNA; however, the primary difference is the number of chromosomes.

According to this, we are now on the second level and have 44+2 chromosomes. An example of the first level is certain aboriginal tribes in Australia where they have 42+2 chromosomes.

On the third level, which we are about to move to, people have 46+2 chromosomes. The next two levels have 48+2 and 50 + 2, respectively.
Weíre now going to focus on Egypt because Egypt happens to be where the one of two main mystery schools was located and where evidence of the different-sized humans, and levels of consciousness, still remain, though generally unrecognized.

Egypt was the area they chose where they would ultimately restore our consciousness, and the primary area where survivors from Atlantis and the ascended masters were in one place.

Abu Simbel, would be about 35 feet tall, representing the fourth level of consciousness.

They built rooms for these different heights.

This doorway is made for the Venusiansóthe Hathor raceówho are on the third level of consciousness.

These third-level beings are about 16 feet tall, indicating they are male, as the females of this race are about 10 to 12 feet tall.

In their section of the building the rooms are around 20 feet high, with ceilings and beams in proportion to 10- to 16-foot-tall beings.

Next to that room, through a little doorway that looks like itís made for us, is a little room with a much lower ceiling.

The Egyptians didnít make these statues arbitrarilyóthey never did anything arbitrarily. There isnít a single scratch on a single stone; there is not even one, I believe, that was done unconsciously.

There was a reason and a purpose for everything. And usually it was created on many, many different levels. The Emerald Tablets, for example, are written on one hundred levels of consciousness.

Depending on who you are, youíll understand something utterly and completely different from other people. If you should go through a consciousness change, go back and reread The Emerald Tablets
again. You wonít believe itís the same book, because itíll talk to you in a different way, depending on your physical body.

These are Earth beings passing through the various levels of consciousness. In this photo you see a huge 55-foot-tall being with a statue our size standing by his leg.

This is the king and queen.

Archaeologists donít know how to interpret this, so they just say that the kings were more important than the queens, and thatís why they made her little.

But it didnít have anything to do with that.

The statues are showing the five levels of consciousness.

Every king and Pharaoh who ever lived in Egypt had five names, representing the five levels of consciousness.

On the wall of ancient Egyptians wall they are depicting the technology they were using to transfer one consciousness from its body to the next one without loosing any memory and knowledge of the previous assimilated experienceÖ


Anyway, when we start searching in the East, we found the same exact body sizes and similar technology for the transfer.

In fact the all Buddha myth is twisted up side down. There was whole race of Buddhas with long ears and different body sizes.

They build huge structures with a places for meditation of every meditant and through their sharp antennas they were cutting the natural scalar waves or natural Chi energy and tuned into Oneness. As I said earlier we have still much to learn from them.

Itís all there; you just have to start searching for answers on ancient sacred sites and temples. Especially jungles in Thailand are very impressive.

All this knowledge is suppressed by the Elite, but its coming back. Its all math and ritual for them, so in the critical point of mass awakening they will strike with force. And that is why we have remember, understand this very soon and to start to utilize this ancient knowledge. So we do not have to fear, but we have to put some solid input and to see with what exactly we are dealing with and what can do about it.

Yeah, ok. I got this. But it arrives anyway, no matter if we're smashing our heads, dancing naked around a fireplace or meditate..
So whatís the point when the Nexus arrives?
We have to buy some more time for the planet and for the life that lives here. They are crushing the economy already which means its already starting.

I believe itís our responsibility to step forward, to unite and to act now. Not with guns or violence but with Higher Consciousness.

The pictograms had shown us the way.

They are showing the fractals, the geometry, the STRUCTURE OF THE UNIVERSE!


So, yes itís essential that we start perfoming planetary meditations.

This is the Checkmate move they are referring to. I hope you will understand this before its too late.

Thatís why I believe we have to start doing those planetary meditations.

And if done how it should be - IT WILL WORK!

Respect to you all,
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