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Default Re: Zeitgeist: Project Venus Pioneers

Originally Posted by Bagatell View Post
The I which is interpreted by what may be construed as myself concurs. And what's this gibberish about 'natural laws'. All, each and every single one of them, 'laws' are made to have an opposition. Say's ayyyeee, matey.
There seems to me to be, several rather clever re-design conceptions already without getting into untested, neo-tech without working prototypes. There is for instance the newly released hush turbine, low wind, power generator out of Australia, there is 'blue energy' tidal power coming out of the orifices of vancouver, there is Permaculture, a proven technology.

Not a single iota of appropriate technology is really listed on this 'Venus' thing. Maybe the originators are awaiting the Hathors or something to come and put all their various cruddy designs into place. The grand circle city design looks good on paper, but I would prefer to have a steam-wind-solar cogeneration plant we could all gather around and talk in place of some neural, cyber nettworky (sic) thing. I'd prefer to have each ring as densely planted with the food I and my family consumes daily as possible. Not 'parks' and other such wastes of space.

Seems to me like another bunch of urbanites wanking at their dream of quasi-rurality. No clue, no conception, no grasp of the deeper meanings of food production, animal husbandry with in food production...just a bunch of folks whom want a cleaner, safer New York. Bah, friggin' humbug. I say, good luck and safe travels on your road to serfdom if the food isn't grown right there. Let machines do it...they have been...I for one, maybe others feel different, do not like processed, GMO'd food myself. So, if the most basic of human needs is done outside the parley of the average food producer/consumer. No thanks, I'll take my chances at home.

This reeks of Tavistock programming. If your nostrils ain't tuned in, ya'll won't be getting it. C'est la or two of you might. And that, is enough for me.
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