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Default Re: Zeitgeist: Project Venus Pioneers


Its very exciting to see all this energy going in to this kind of idea!

We really should start making small lists of goals and such. To keep track of our own progress as a up and coming movement (building on the already existing movements and projects around the world involved in similar undertakings)

What I propose is a section here at Avalon, and or Blog´s and websites with:

Information about the projects that we want to push for in this world.

Ideas about local initiatives and practical action.

Perhaps we could also arrange online AND real world exhibits and workshops for the kind of visions laid out by amongst other the guy in the second half of the Zeitgeist addendum movie, Jacque Fresco.

I imagine everything from graphical representations i.e illustrations 3d views etc, to inventions, ideas presented as text in a form of library and so on..

I think these are some of the next vital steps!

And also to discuss and figure out the following;

What is this movement about?

How do we work?

What can I contribute?

How do we want to share information?

And so on...

I am very busy right now, but will return here and to other threads on this forum and others, and hopefully soon in other venues, and contribute more to the planning and actual work of making a better more thoughtful future for all of us.

Keep your cool everyone, bring out the best in each other, and show compassion!!


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