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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hello everybody...can I interject please.....

First of all can I say that I believe this thread is totally awesome and that there is nothing like it on other forums. The passion that is expressed here is second to none.

Absolutely fantastic and I believe we CAN change the world. We really can.

All of us here believe that collectively we can change the outcome of anything, and I mean anything. Our huge conciousness can shape the outcome of events and steer us wherever we want to go. WE HAVE THE POWER. We now have the tools.

During our meditational state we are visualizing certain images which we hope to bring into reality. We now know it as thought/manifestation/REALITY.

Sometimes its takes longer to haul in the visualization process to reality, but with practice you get there in the end. (Astral knows more about's his territory)

The point I am trying to say is that I believe we can project a more positive thought pattern towards our ultimate goal.

This is what we are projecting ok...

Visualize[ the “energy ball” between your palms, but instead of the ball you have the “symbolic planet Earth”.

Visualize that you open a big funnel above your head and let the life force (divine cosmic light) flow into the funnel (crown chakra), through your arms and out through your palms into the “symbolic planet Earth”.

Radiate the planet with: “LOVE and LIGHT to EVERYTHING”.

Feel how millions of others are doing the same and how our planet is swimming in the beautiful Bluish-White Light of Energy.

Feel the connection between every meditant around the world and how all this is becoming one powerful field of positive energy.

Inside your consciousness, program the output energy as only useful for healing and reparation purposes and nothing more. Program the energy that you send out to be secure from any misuse and only to serve as instrument of Light.
Now I find it very difficult to visualize something that is not Tangible... it's very difficult to visualize these pictures/images... How do we visualize a blueish white energy?...a field of positive energy?...How do you visualize love, harmony,peace on earth, all these images are extremely difficult to visualize... and the majority of people will have differant views on this, so there will be different pictures/images floating around all over the place and not synchonising...all running in differeant directions...

If we all visualize more or less the same Images the strength of the projected thought will be far greater than lots of different pictures zapping around. And its verydifficult to get form A-B through the images being presented. Yes the idea is spot on but the action to result I believe can be easier to get to.

Ultimately we want to be invited to the Galactic Family and share everything they have to offer from Technologies to life beyond...the imagination would be boundless...Our lives would be transformed over night...and if you don't think thay have the experience and knowledge to overcome any of the Ecological Events that may occur then think again..they are Tens of thousands of years ahead of us (I was going to say millions but the thought boggles the mind but it's true)

I am not very good at pasting pictures here but I am sure other people can use ther imagination...ect etc ...imagine a fleet of ships just hovering in the skies above us...imagine a huge mother ship floating as close as is possible for all to see...the size of a city (as in the films)...imagine meeting with our celestial brothers and sisters...greeting them...imagine seeing on all the TV's with full disclosure announcements...

I believe this is a better Visualization Process to adopt towards our ultimate goal...I believe we can achieve far more this way than the process we follow now. Please comment.

All of you think long and hard and ask yourselves what we really want form this...and think how we are going to achieve this GOAL...

I believe one day we will all be invited to and within the Galactic Family...It will be the grestest moment of our lives...and will re-write the history books...

I ask you all to consider and think about our Brothers and Sisters ...

WHAT DO WE REALLY WANT.... we only have to ask...


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