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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Blessings Samarkis,

First may i praise you for your dedication and comitment,you really do shine bright.

The pictures from Coral castle May med were great,the banners,canopies..

I myself would love a Nexus flag a healing tent minibus and much much more..

But this time i wish to reduce the cost for all as it proved expensive, with many coming by plane and hotel costs even travel proved near none existant(myself and Cyzmra walked about 8 miles from campsite to nearest town before hop on bus to avebury.(cheers swanny for helping us get back)

So this time im thinking back to basics, to provide more of a commune,campsite meals packed lunches etc..

And December i envisage similar,hey im happy with waterproofs mp3 and a smile.

I hope to bring three newbies with me in may(but we'll see).

December 21 (solstice) attracts a big gathering in Avebury and what better way to promote than by word of mouth..

We can still advertise for a summer camp with all the amenities we can muster(which im sure more are likly to attend)as weather usually great..

Glastonbury June

I know many of us have commitments that we honour,and i wish to respect that.. i really do

My rationale really is to keep the momentum....

I recently took a short trip to Avebury and will be doing so more frequently,we really dont need to wait for sacred Meditation..

But we do all need to work together in harmony....

And as time quickens December 21 st 2009 2010 2011.... 2012 just seems to important to overlook..

This is so far an idea and more are welcome,and if we decide not to hold a December meditation i understand and respect everyones wishes..

Samarkis thankyou for all you do,you really are a beacon of light..

Love light & Oneness

Originally Posted by Samarkis View Post
In principle, I do not mind if others want to organize more meetings...

I need the time to get organized and really do a good job promoting the May & July meditations...

For me there is much prep to do and I will need that time....
I am also doing this out of my own pocket (Flyers,Banners,Speakers,Canopies,
now adding in local ads...organizing a reception after meditation so as to maybe network with groups that have helping others as their missions....I would really like to see more reaching out within our communities to help each other)

I would like to see more of a response to feel an even flow...people have their own schedules and feel better staying in their own homes for a variety of reasons....So for me ,I feel twice a year for me to organize these groups are enough...I do have family & business obligations...
In 3D there are lots of responsabilities....And preparations!!!!

I wish all success in whatever is chosen!!!
I would like to encourage more meditations as possible!!
In Light!
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