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Default Re: US admits Chemical weapon test

Originally Posted by burgundia View Post
What about the pilots that are flying those planes..? Do they have any clue what they are doing?
I talked to some commercial pilots (Quantas) about this. They said that the particulates that hit their (whatever airplane windshields are called) near large urban centres are from insurance weather programs, to minimize hail damage. So, it's rationalized that way IMO. (And the insurance companies are a whole other story, with weather modification, and remember how everyone's premiums for anything went up in North America after 9.11?)

I'm not sure the military pilots who fly the chemtrails planes even know, or are told either, what exactly they're dispersing. If I had to guess, they are bound to classified projects, need the paycheque anyway, and whatnot. I've read that the cover stories, for them, are global warming, insecticides, missile defense shield (for national security), scientific research.

I wonder if many of those planes even come down, with air tankers, which is a great sideline business too.

Oh. I just read about the drone possibility after I posted this. That kind of makes sense too. Who else would be interested in such a dull job criss-crossing skies endlessly... ? Hmm.

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