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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Czymra View Post
Short and simple:

The gaps between notes aren't equivalent to each other are they? I can't just take any song and change it's pitch 8Hz downwards, or can I?
Hi Czymra - No, you can't do that - the digital alteration of a file to pitch-shift is very different from synthesis originally occuring in the region of 432Hz. Moreover, I'm finding that even greater benefits are yielded when the whole number ratio intervals are used instead of Equal Temperament, which sort of "averages" outs all the intervals besides the tritone and makes them quite a bit duller depending on the particular interval in question.

You'll hear the difference between pitch-shifted 440->432/Equal-Temperament, and 432-original/Whole-Number-Ratio-Interval, in the next file - see below as for why:

Originally Posted by Perseide View Post
Great Job Phiedpiper, I been listening to it on my computer since I had a lot of work to do, I will definatly try it tonight with my earphones.

I was wondering if you could give us a little notion about how you conceived it. What are the basics of your file, what are the harmonics you are using, did you use binaurals in it? What are the frequencies you feel are working best and why?

I do not mean to recreate the file but just having a certain knowledge of what I am listening to, it gives me a boost of auto-suggestion food for my mind when I know what is the work behind it, who did it etc.

Since it was made by you, I am pretty confident it works just great and it gives me more curiosity on how you position yourself on that musical aspect of the file.

Thanks for this precious gift!

Hi Perseide,

It's really not much (but perhaps still worth its intended purpose). I was hoping for the unfolding of the situation exactly as has happened so we can all follow what's happening here without missing any of the steps along the way.

This is a 440Hz file in Equal Temperament using Isochronic Pulses at 7.83Hz running several loops loosely outlining a C-Major Lydian scale, nothing more.

The next file will bring this down to 432Hz (necessarily so, with the original method I used I can't synthesize it at 432Hz in the first place, but that's alright), and bridge from Equal Temperament to Whole-Number-Ratio-Intervals as the 2nd chakra activation sequence fades in. It will also be adding the alpha band 1st harmonic at 14.1 Hz, which will in turn be projected binaurally (for reasons that will become more clear in still further files after more harmonics are added and panning of entrainment frequencies becomes involved... after all... our different hemispheres respond better to certain bands in the models I am using, and the alpha band is best suited to induce hemisync, hence the binaural solution for the 1st harmonic).

The alpha band also acts as an "anchor", that will help to keep people from falling asleep!

I'll be asking people three things:

1) if they notice an extra crispness in the Whole-Number-Ratio intervals, compared to before.

2) if they notice the added emotional content of course

3) if they feel a stirring sensation (the fundamental and harmonic producing a difference tone that happens to coincide with the colour undertone of the fundamental!... subsequent Schumann harmonics will actually reinforce this more and more, theoretically intensifying the stirring sensation (and i believe this would represent the unlocking of kundalini...!) so I will keep checking on 3) every time...).

In case anyone is curious as to the math:

14.1 - 7.83 = +-6.2
20.3 - 14.1 = +-6.2
... (all harmonics subtracted by previous harmonic = +-6.2)

7.83/1.25 (ratio for pure major 3rd, the "colour undertone") = +-6.2(!!!)

(more geomusic much in the style of our friend James Furia, or perhaps in honour )

Remember that in these early stages, this is a largely interactive, empirical process. I want people to be absolutely sure there is not a single placebo element being introduced into the equation - I want people to be able to follow along and see the singularity of artistic and technical improvements happening side-by-side. To see they are part of a single whole, and this should be our defining notion for our emerging 21st century - let neither side progress at the expense of the other (right now we are really pushing at technology and letting the artistic manifestations of said technology slip behind, unfortunately).

If I can get people excited about interacting in the project this way I think it'll be all the better for all parties - it'll keep me motivated and will keep everyone up to speed as to exactly how this whole thing works at the end of the day.

It's really true that we are all playing a valuable role in this, in more ways than one.

I'll be keeping a log of all the enhancements that result in perceivable improvements and offering unlimited guidance to other artists who want to take advantage of the emerging model to the best of my ability, including free copies of the software I will be writing especially for the project.

take care everyone!

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