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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by TheChosen View Post
I still haven't had the chance to test the file by I definately intend to follow the process of creation as the details will play the crucial part.

But in order for a feedback to be given on something we can go in two ways:

1) We listen to the files and respond with whatever 'effect' it has on each of us

2) The purpose is defined beforehand for each file and we can each provide feedback on the effectiveness for attaining that purpose in each of us

Another big question is what happens with our focus and intent during the 'testing phase'.. as for the meditation itself I am sure this will be defined in a better detail in the later stages.

I'd especially like to know what are the plans for the intent.. do I just let it flow out there or 'program' it to 'lock on to something'

I am asking this because where our focus and intent is during this can have big effects on the way we 'perceive' and 'evaluate' the sound.

I realize its a bit difficult to describe with words things like focus and intent and what exactly I am trying to say with them but to make sure we are speaking about the same concepts I attach a bit of explanation:

focus: The mental concentration on a certain point. It can be present during meditation or 'switched off' by going into a no thoughts mode but even this requires a certain amount of latent focus to maintain this mode.

intent: The closest I can come to describe it is the locking on to a certain point (it can be concrete goal, concept or desired outcome) with your deepest part of your being. Castaneda explained it pretty well with many words and situations as far as I can remember.
These are all very good points. We will try to set it up for the next file. No need to worry about it for this particular file. Thanks!

PS: If anyone who has not been following as closely and is curious what the foundation/starting point file sounds like then let me know and I can provide a link. We are looking forward to the next file that adds the 2nd element because in our research progress it is clear it cannot be done without.

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