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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I just hope it's clear for everyone what we've been doing lately. It's tricky to address both sides of the coin at the same time, but the technical aspect is largely established now.

What's important to keep in mind is that complexity is at best only a foundation for simplicity. It can widen the scope of a celebration of our common natural feelings (perhaps necessarily so in our times), but it is nothing on its own.

This is what can give confidence to the project, it's like taking that corona of technical complexity (that can ironically be more easily managed by many groups in our times than the next part), and activating it by addressing that central core of natural simplicity.

This is the part that our society is having a more difficult time with, because we are pulling ourselves away from that central aspect (metaphorically speaking), with all the added technological complexity we keep piling into our lives. And it's not really any of our faults.

But together we can concentrate back on identifying those elements of the central core together and energizing them.

It's interesting to see the notions that keep returning in the thread again and again -

- emotion
- love (the most central of all, from which all other emotions in the true emotional complex radiate outwards from)

What's important is that we can visualize this model together. Then we are answering the "focal point" question raised by ChosenOne, if not also the "intention" question as well, at least in the earliest stages - to focus inwards on that central core and clear out the unnecessary outer rings of complexity aside from what is absolutely essential.

To make full circle, the only reason I was saying at the top that the technical aspects I am now done describing necessarily widen the scope (if anyone else has any other questions let me know!), is because we are trying to reach other people with what we are doing, and this answers the "purpose" question, I believe.

This should hopefully answer the last big question and complete the model - we could meditate only with files that contain the emotional content and no technical content and they will serve us well - the technical aspect is what assists in amplifying this created energy in a way that allows us to extend it to positively influence others via the grid. There are some details I am omitting but hopefully the picture is clear enough.

Looking forward to celebrating our found focus - for example, what is it that makes these many beautiful pictures being posted in the thread so worthwhile to simply appreciate - if we are impatient enough to skip over them, feeling at the moment we can acquire no useful information from them, than we know we are locking out the true emotional complex of the right brain, and operating by left brain only.

We may be celebrating the false/negative emotional complex, but we have to remember that then we are not functionally using the right brain, which does not originally operate in this way and never will - we are recalling a part of the illusion that was imposed on us by society, the most important aspect of what we can cast away upon entry into the "new world's" philosophical domain.

For proof of this we need only think of animals and children, especially children because we can follow them slowly adopting the illusion just as we did as they go through their years - in early years they cannot possibly express the false/negative emotional complex.

To keep the cognitive function/left brain of an adult, and return to the emotional/imaginative/right brain richness of a child, can be a good focus for the meditations as well, I believe.

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