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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by thuras View Post
Are there binaural beats used in the demo? Just to know if the use of headphones is necessary.

I just dont have the time to read every post at the moment.
No worries, and good question.

I'm trying to avoid using binaural beats if possible but at the same time I really like the prospect of hemispheric synchronization. In later developments I might be able to defeat the "no speakers allowed" aspect of binaural beats through a special technique known as ambiophonics.

The February file will probably use binaural beats for the alpha-band frequency, but I might also be able to offer people "with headphones" and "headphones free" alternatives.

We could always ask around to see if anyone prefers speakers over headphones.

My favourite thing to do personally is use a small set of battery-operated speakers with decent enough bass with a CD player or cassette deck so as few electronics as possible are turned on at the time - most importantly computers (which give off a lot of interfering EM radiation I find). But I put the little speakers so close to each ear it is almost like halfway between speakers and headphones!
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