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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

These are some really amazing contributions, thank you both so much!

I will have to find the time to take a more careful look at the material presented in each of them.

Right now I will be researching a thorough overview of all the different types of biofeedback sensors available and the different aspects of gathering valid biofeedback data. In the brief time I had, I particularly enjoyed the diagram of the switch from frustration to appreciation.

These kinds of visualizations really help us all to tie a much simpler explanation of the model this project is working with together to shine a bright light on.

Out of this can grow some intuitively sound angles with which to help broaden knowledge of the project down the road when things really start to take off and everyone is really happy with all the aspects.

We are being led in our modern society into a mode of vibration that is weak, low, and highly aperiodic (noisy).

It will look a lot like the representation of frustration on this graph in the biofeedback readouts.

This was not always the case, even in much harder times we were overall capable of generating quite a bit more periodic vibration when we look at the whole-earth model, and humans as a functional part within it.

Now, vibrationally speaking, we are drowning out the larger model with a lot of noise. It's very ironic because we are trying to build so many luxuries for so many of us and we are either not taking the time to appreciate them or are appreciating them very temporarily and superficially, and moving on.

This is not everyone of course, certainly few that are following this project I am sure, but it is that massive pop culture that is "out there".

It's the strangest situation because it's as though the vibrational energy of society is largely being lost to hypnotic incoherence in some way.

But we can make a powerful stand against that by projecting the coherent vibrations of these simple, inner truths we feel now is the time to celebrate and radiate, more than ever.

Now, before we lose our grip forever in this increasing cacophony of noise, we can return proper signal to the picture. I think we would surprise ourselves with the impact it would make once applied steadily (as per the longer term project being worked on at the moment).

In the meantime, we'll be able to get into the groove together in the intervening months, I am very sure.

thanks again for these links and information! it's really amazing and inspiring to see so many people helping out
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