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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Malletzky View Post
Sanat, I just had an idea and I'm getting curious right now about this...

We know that there are about 3.500 people joining our weekly meditation, but can you also measure "how popular" aprox. the nexus project is? Are there more then 10.000 people out there who've heard of "us"? Or more / less? If I consider the fact that PC have had more then 3 mil. unique visitors in the last few years, I just wonder how many visited PA also and especially the nexus thread.
The word about "us" is also spreading right now, so who knows...

Would be nice to know, if any chance you could also measure this too...thanks in advance.

Considering the number of views this thread has (I don't know if that is unique visitors or what?) I would guess there are more people that have heard about Nexus than 3500 people. Also consider that each week there are new people joining and people who are relative regulars, but for some reason cannot meditate that week. I can give it a try of course, and measure the number of people that are aware of the Nexus weekly meditation:

That number is: somewhere between 8000-9000 people know about the weekly meditation. So you were not that far off with your estimate

Here is an idea: This thread is so huge now. I think a lot of new people come here from the Camelot site and they feel a bit overwhelmed by the idea of reading this giganitc thread from the start. Therefore many probably looks at the first few pages and move on. They never come to the conclusion and learn about the meditation. Would it not be a good idea to edit the very first post and at the very beginning insert a "note to new readers". This note should address the fact that this thread is now very large and that the summary of it can be found at a given link to webiste, and it should also mention that the conclusion of it is a Weekly Global Meditation which everyone is welcome to participate in. Read more about it on given website...

By this we would include every newcomer as they would instantly learn about the Weekly Meditation instead of them feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the info...
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