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Default Re: Shock Kulapops disclosure exclusive ! Life is Good !

Originally Posted by lindabaker View Post
Oh, Fred, now you went and changed your post. It's not funny any more! I think you should leave it! Aaahhaaa still laughin
lol... You've piqued my curiosity now Linda.

I'm glad if the exchange was funny or made you laugh. Leave it in Fred, my good fellow ! (I'm assuming here of course that Fred is a man ? I'm not taking anyone for granted now !)

How nice to have exchanges on PA between people that make everyone laugh.

Fear Go Home !

Like I say, maybe a sea change of consciousness is coming and we'll all feel better directly. BUt it doesn't matter if even the consciousness prediction is wrong. I certainly aim to change myself...And before you ask, No , I'm not having an operation or hormone tablets.

My own change, my self-improvement. What else can I be sure of?


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