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Default Re: Shock Kulapops disclosure exclusive ! Life is Good !

They, them, you , us.

How many times have I read today on Avalon what 'they' are planning ?

How we are to be enslaved by 'them'... the Powers that BE.. them... they... can't wait to get their little mits on YOU and ME.

It's all getting a bit monotonous - and me with it, probably !

Don't you see (don't I see?) That it's not about 'them' ? It's about YOU(It's not about you either, so why am I writing to you ??? )

I'm still suffering the same affliction, see ?

I'm believing that my freedom and my safety is hooked up in your self improvement. Well, ours, actually.

But it isn't. And our freedom from 'master plans' and 'alien races' is not in their hands either... it's in yours.

Knowing more about whatever plans are afoot will not bring you one inch closer, because each scenario holds you by your mind, not your heart. If you want to play into 'their' hands, that's entirely the right way to go about it. But in reality, we have to see that 'they' are us. There is no them... we are all manifestations of the same consciousness. So hate away, the hate you feel is hate for yourself. Get that anger going... How dare they do that to us??

Really? That're doing to yourself.

How many scenarios will we have to read about before we finally turn this computer off and start living a life, from the inside out and not from the outside in.

See? That's my own frustration... I need to get a life ! Not you guys, you already have what you want right here ! Reading 'conspiracy porn' ! lol

Take cares... I loves ya really


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