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Default Re: Shock Kulapops disclosure exclusive ! Life is Good !

Saxapower, I could kiss you ! (Regardless of gender lol)


Phew... for a minute there I was going crazy. But the Avalon heart still beats it seems.

Not that I need others as a verification of my own truth...

no, that's a lie, actually.. I do need other people to share my heartfelt thoughts.. because it's a tough journey and I've only just started.

We are happy right now. Financial implosion? I don't see one. Alien experiments ? not last night... (well not unless they snuck in and shortened my

I truly hope that we will get how beautiful life is and the human existence that is NOW. Not tomorrow. If it's happening tomorrow I'm not interested. (well, apart for a certain engagement involving herbal tea )

Saxapower... you certainly have the power, for sure. Thank you for using it here.

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