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Default Re: Vortex, 19.47 theory/ Sacred Geometry

19.47 vs 19.50

I'm seeing lots of reference to 19.50 here and the geometry is exact at 19.47

Now, mind you, nothing has been proven. this is all just speculation at this point, until such can be proven...however hang with me here.

What if we would be crossing the 19.47 mark in relation to the galaxy in 2012?... 12/21/2012 to be this not getting more interesting by the minute? As we know that these 19.47 spots are key to some kind of possible stargate or portal..this is something to ponder.

Now the value of also being referenced to 19.50....could this be the possibel "shift" that we are experiencing? There was many a reference to being close to 19.5 degrees as a round up figure. Or if it is slightly higher by the offset of .53 degrees the other way would be more acceptable to me than to say 19.6 when in fact it would be 19.53 on the other side of or opposite end of the opposing triangle. It would also indicate a spinning effect and a wobble of that ...this puts a wrench in it ...huh?

Just a thought of course...nothing proven...speculation only

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