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Default Re: Vortex, 19.47 theory/ Sacred Geometry

Well, I think you're on to something Brook. I took that Milky Way map and laid out a couple of triangles on it and it appeared as though our Solar System lays on the bottom lay line of the triangle. My eyes popped out of my head because it was so darn close. To darn close to dismiss it.

I just don't have the right map or the right software in place to determine an accurate calculation at this time. I admit I am going where I have never gone before. Maybe if I reverse the map into a negative mode, then that way I could lay down the triangles and see exactly where this is going. It is so close it is spooky as to the lay line being around 19.47. What I am also starting to think is that on 2012 or slightly before or after, our position as to being accurately determined on that lay line might be better determined if we were able to have some kind of tracking history thereby determining the direction we are going from where we came and then animate it, we might see the exact date instead from what has been presumed. I don't know. Also maybe we could discover where the star gates could lead us and those points of destinations as well. I am finding this fascinating as it also leads to other questions. I just don't have the talents in this area. I am striving to be accurate. Will continue to work on it.
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