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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by [COLOR="Cyan"
unlimited mind[/COLOR];126998]Crop Circle Swirlies

The link below provides you with the ability to download a zip file of some hastily prepared crop circle renderings, as well as the executable program (for windows) called Swirlies.

PLEASE NOTE: you cannot run Swirlies without a ton of dll's that we have yet to work exactly which are absolutely required. This is due to the code for this program being in c++ and using a backend graphics library called QT. Sooooooo if you want to run this program now, then the bad news is that you have to go to the QT link below, and down load 168/one-hundred and sixty eight mega bytes of Libraries and install them on your computer. Likely only about 11/eleven MB are actually required. But we are busy and don't yet have the time to work out the dependencies involved. If anyone does, please email us the dependancies list.

As to the timing on the display: we note that the code is merely a pre-alpha version, more proof of concept than production. So the whole of the display and timing functions will be rewritten. Again, likely in a few weeks in the break between 1309 and the next series of ALTA reports. If you are a cpp programmer, and want to mess about with this, write to igor at moon @ for the crude code.

Also note that the images require their center point to be exactly half way down the total image height and half way over the total image width. So if the crop circle image is not spinning well, try shuffling it around in a graphics program and have at it again. Also note that many of the crop circles *appear* to have reference points indicating that they *should* be offset. We have yet to experiment with this. If you do, write it up and pass it along.

If you do re-render the crop circle graphics and get better images, send them along.

If you want to be put on the notify list for developments in Swirlies, send email to moon @ with Swirlies Notify in the subject.

Note that the program Swirlies wants to be put in a subdirectory as CeralSwirlies: (note the spelling).

Link to zip file of the executable Windows program and some sample swirlies: right click and save as: CeralSwirlies.ZIP

Link to the QT site to download the complete huge library of graphics support: QT Link for downloads - NOTE -> choose the free downloads tab on the page.

If you find that specific images produce specific effects, write us.

We are going to spif the code up with accurate timing, and reporting so that we can all work for reproducable results.

clif and igor (admin here at

That’s Great stuff Unlimited mind.

I will check it out as soon as possible.

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