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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi everybody! I've been in my cave for a while only to realize there was a lot of stuff going on in here when I came back.

I am sorry that Mudra decided to take a break because of the video file I just finished.

I feel a little bit confused about all this that is why I am trying to explain myself here.

The file is ready, I sent it to Alchemikey fpr him to put it on his website.

At the begining I didn't really understand where Astralwalker was going with this. I thought this was not a meditation and wanted to come back to the old fashion. Then I realized that what we are doing every saturdays and the meditation of the sacred places are two distinct things.

During the saturdays we are trying to trigger a telepatic state of mind, and what Astralwalker is trying to do is doing it so one step at a time. That is why he want us to add visios during our events. I know that next week or the other one we will be using swirly crop circles. I don't know who will be puting the file together but it wont be me.

No for now I spent many many many hours during the many nights despite the fact that I have 2 kids to raise and a full time job to put that file together.

I did it with all my heart, trying to get visios that will trigger some love for our planet earth.

I was sad to see that people would not like it even before seeing what is the work and the intent behind the file.

So there it is. With all my sincerity and love for this project. A file with music that is sometime powerfull sometime quiet, sometime emotive sometime joyfull, with visios from all over the world. Please watch it with your heart and believe me, nothing is fear based in this file. Even though you might be experiencing strange feelings from stuff you might not really comprehend, be sure that the intent behind all this is LOVE and only LOVE it should raise from all of us.

This may not be a meditation in the sense that we all concieve it but it sure is a precious way of raising our level of telepatic capacity and even more if we all put our intent in this.

With love
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