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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I never said you are and enemy ,to the contrary both you and Kerry and Bill
are friends and allays ,is is just that new paradigm requires cooperation
of all and equal voice of all and that is not reflected in Avalon or your tread ,
that is all extend of my criticism ,not that I accuse you of doing something to
PhiedPiper ( more active support for Wednesday meditation with intention of PhiedPiper getting well would be nice )
but that you don't acknowledge that we are missing him and ad hock
attempts to create next music files can be very jarring on a soul of a person listening under deep meditation .

anyhow god speed in your traveling and giving lectures about "Unknown form of Energy coming our way in 2012 " and a collective need to meditation
while listening to music by Vangelis that doing so will unleash transmission of psionic waves across the globe .

in that spirit waiting for response that wont lower the vibration
remember the vibration.... so don't attack me ,just engage me and my point of view as you would engage part of yourself

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