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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear Friends,

I would like to inform you that we had a meeting with respected David Icke and with a team from Truth Movement Australia.

On the meeting were also three other respected members of this forum: (Robski, AusseG and Sparklyponcho) and the meeting was established by our respected friends from Truth Movement Australia (Adam Davis, his respected father Peter Davis and his close friend Daniel Brouse).

It was an exceptional meeting where we all had exchanged our ideas and perspectives on what is going on at the moment, and what is coming in near future.

David Icke is extraordinary person and I hold only respect to him, to his research and what he has done for humanity.

We brainstormed many ideas and he will also try to help spread the word around what we are doing here on the forum and the intent for getting all people in MEDITATIVE PSIONIC ONENESS. Also we discussed the 9 May event. He is resonating with what we are doing here and the effort of uniting the world as ONE and lifting the vibrational field of our planet.

So it is manifesting. Every minute, this intent and effort pulse is getting stronger and stronger and every second it touches more and more of us. It’s all happening guys. We are awakening. Many are already aware and many will soon be awaken.

There is an obvious Shift in the Consciousness. You can feel it everywhere.

It’s coming from everywhere in the Matrix.


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