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Default Re: Wubbo Ockels explains how ‘time’ is created by human beings

Thanks, Operator. I missed this - you mentioned it on the Inuit sun thread and it's timely for me. No pun intended. I've been also trying to dig up a broadcast I heard about time, and poof, here it was in search results, so I added a link for it.

I will have a watch of the video.

Julian Barbour, The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics
... Dan Falk spoke with a trio of researchers who have each developed rather unorthodox views about time and space...Rather, it’s a place where time itself – depending on who you ask – may simply vanish. David Deutsch, Julian Barbour, and Roger Penrose have each spent the last few decades thinking very deeply about the nature of time, and have come to some very counter-intuitive conclusions.
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