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Default Re: The Bibles Signs in our Sky

Originally Posted by Norval View Post
Such pretty "iridescent" clouds, thank you Zorgon, but as they are asking about what they have to
do with and why, I guess I should explain?

What was the earth like before the flood? Yes, covered in clouds. We were protected from
radiation by this water in the form of clouds. After the flood gates of the "heavens" were opened
and the rains stopped we had no clouds as before. Besides our life spans dropped drastically.

Our thoughts are that we are seeing these new rainbow like effects because of much more water
in our atmosphere these past couple of decades. The water is evaporating into our atmosphere
causing these new rainbow effects. There yah all have it.
I have personally been of the opinion that before the flood there was either never any rain, or there was perpetual cloud cover. My reasoning was that God was supposed to have put a rainbow in the sky as a covenant that he wouldn't bring on another flood.

Leaving that theory to one side, that rainbow must have been a first. We all know that sunlight refracts in water droplets giving us a rainbow. (As an interesting aside, everybody sees a different rainbow). At the end of the flood there was obviously water droplets in the air so the only new thing happening at that time was uninterrupted sunshine.
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