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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear friends,

I respect all your ideas, feelings and suggestions.

We are experiencing quickening on a global scale. Very soon the climate will turn in irreversible mode.

I’m still standing strong that this can be prevented if we combine as ONE. But you have to understand that the Matrix is playing its own song and directs the rhythm.

So peaces fall in their places of the Mosaic when the timing is correct.

Audio file:

Instead of arguing about Phied original file, it is better that we give opportunity for the people to upload musical files that they feel best suits for meditation and has emotional component.

Other possible solution – make a Thread for vote about the file. 15 people does not say the opinion of 3000. Link that thread to some other webpage so people who are not subscribers of Avalon Forum can express their opinion.
Other day meditation for improving Phied health - I totally resonate with doing this not just for Phied, but for every one of you.

My standing point on his original file is all ready expressed.

We have to move this further and audio is just a part of how can this be achieved. When I had introduced the visual part with the combination of audio I only started to introduce next step – we are living in a Holographic Matrix and the connection is established incomparable stronger. It’s like a tuning into same wavelength and vibrating with the same.

While this is in the process you transmit psionic waves all across the globe and this connection flows between every participant that seriously had tuned into this.

This will be not needed any more when millions tune into oneness but till that stage this is the way that has to be done.

Once more, this is what is needed >>

You walk across the street. While you are walking from one apartment you hear a song on the radio. For all the others this song does not mean much but for you – its Indescribable sensation.

You didn’t hear this song for 20 years and it means so much to you. Memories and emotions pump out immediately and you shine like a Sun.
Something deep inside of you “turns ON” and you feel the music with all your heart and soul. You start to vibrate higher than the rest that are walking with you on the street, because it is simple the nature of the frequency that has manifested in you as a result of the music that you are hearing.
When we manifest the same with millions all across the planet we are doing it right.


So find the right one that causes this...that’s all that I’m asking.
The file that you want to use for this ... is simple not the right one. I hope you will realize this before the climate change goes to irreversible mode. This matrix consist is vibrational field. So it extremely important that we maintain higher vibrational state.

I sense division among many of you, but that is normal since this is work in progress...

Step forward, take an action, express yourself, share your ideas. Do it.

This is not up to me or anyone else. This is about US getting together as ONE.

So instead of fighting and creating more division, work on solutions how we can make this quicker.

Organize, Unite, Vote, your magic.

I just fallow my vision and I will travel according to it ... till the very end.

I will see the both files today and I will know about my personal opinion. Which only just is – only my perspective.

Please give me some time to take care of some other things that are also important for me personally and I will get back to the forum more actively and hopefully take this in higher gear.

Other Twin-Website that we are building is almost complete. Very soon we will build similar websites in other parts of the world on other languages and make a network.

All of them will serve their purpose:

- Achieving Collective Consciousness through Global synchronized meditation - the only known to me method of achieving this, releasing the max power of our thoughts focused to alter the current energetic makeup of the Matrix; combined with extremely strong emotional discharge of our inner divine selves (through psionic power carriers – our feelings) and achieving drastic reshaping of this reality for the better, starting immediate strong planetary healing and regenerative process and stoping eventual cataclysms set in motion and escalation at the end of 2012.

I hold only gratitude for everyone of you. I hope that you will hear my words and understand my vision. We really need to UNITE instead to divide.
Every exchange or communication that leads to division is doing damage and vice versa.

Light, Love, Peace and Harmony to all,
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