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Wink The KillShot by Ed Dames - Are you aware?

I was listening to a coast 2 coast show with Ed Dames recently. Ed Dames predicts a series of solar flares that will hit the Earth in 5 years or from 2009 to 2013. He said it will kill 2 billion people. Well, this is the first time I have heard of this. I did some research and found his remote viewing websites advertising his DVD. It appears that he sold this DVD for quite some time and now he is giving it away for free to warn the people.

The total summary of the event is that a large object will enter our atmosphere and will pull away our magnetic field which will make us vulnerable to solar flares. The first big flare will knock out electronics. The other series of big solar flares will heat up the atmosphere and cook us alive drying up our fresh water supplies. Sounds terrible.

Maybe he is talking about Planet X and a combination of solar activity. Either way, has anyone else heard of the "KillShot"?

What are your opinions? Is this for real?

Here are some Ed Dames links: Learn Remote Viewing, Viewing the Future

Other predictions made by Ed: Earthquake in Nevada in 5 months - War breaks out between Israel and Iran in 6 months - Friendly Human ETs will move in and help us rebuild after 2013 - China takes over USA slowly through their 50 year plan <-- Ed Dames said these things

Here is the LINK to the show on coast 2 coast

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