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Default Re: The KillShot by Ed Dames - Are you aware?

Originally Posted by Surial View Post
I haven't seen the Knowing yet. I am waiting for it to hit pay per view.

And I agree, if our magnetic field is derived from the Earth itself, how does Planet X take it away?

My gut feeling is this guy Ed made some money from his Remote Viewing Skill. People bought the DVD and now he is so rich he doesn't need people to buy it anymore. However, he says we are pretty much dead already from his remote viewing vision. Fried Chicken!

I don't go outside that much anyway cause I spend too much time babysitting my kids. But, he did mention something about high levels of radiation coming in and killing many people. So, if this does indeed happen, I am going to enjoy my life as much as possible. So maybe I will plan a trip to Disney World. lol
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