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Default Re: Dark entities/energy: need help


I applaud that you openly share your experience.

I have many experiences with these energies, and want to cautiously provide guidance through my experiences.

First, what I'll call 'the game' is now underway. I use this phrase because on some levels it may help to hold a more productive perspective. That you have witnessed a presence approaching the physical seems to solidify some of what you are dealing with, and you'll be better equipped to be vigilant in detection. While this manifestation might send some folks into a terror or panic, you have a different constitution, and this energy has now become apprised of it.

Since you no longer will be in doubt about what is happening, and questioning too deeply various other possibilities, like your sanity, your health, etc., you may get right to the business of finding the root causes and closing your portals of entry.

Be prepared for the energy to now find other tactics of engagement. These could be across a wide spectrum, but might include depressive or obsessive thoughts, periods of spaciness, urges towards existing or new addictions and such.

I mentioned finding the root causes and closing the portals because these seem to be synergistic items. It is my impression that most attachments are the result of some portion of ourselves where we have a weakness. The energy may be a way for our higher selves to teach and lead us to grow, but perhaps not always.

In my experience, some meditation on what the purpose of the experience is may lead to the root, and if you can find the root and address it, you may close the portal. Possible roots are family issues, including deceased ancestry, current life problems and intensities, personal guilt and anything that weighs heavy. Looking within can reveal, since often we know where our weights are.

If you find the roots, then it may be enough to commence healing those aspects. If not, then outside sources may be able to help you discover them. I took a year long spiritual healing course a few years back, and if you don't achieve success over a few weeks and can't find resources, I'd attempt to help over the phone, but I'd have to get back into practice first.

I battled energies for at least a year, and probably was really working with them for much, much longer before I finally decided it was my focus to 'heal'. You may find some of my journey expressed in my prose in the Public Prose and Poetry Group I set up here on Avalon.

I tried many approaches on my journey, including shamans, Indian healers, michael, prayers, the instructor of my spiritual healing course, and found in the end that my roots were deep and varied. I needed to work in stages, and with tenacity. I strongly recommend Diane Stein's book, Essential Psychic Healing as an awesome resource. (( ))

If you provide permission, I will attempt to meet you in the astral and take a look, but without permission I am limited to sending encouragement and blessings. Big Hugs!

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