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Default Re: Dark entities/energy: need help

What i would do in your position;
1. place yourself inside a bubble mentally, in that bubble put your friends, family, your pets, and even visualise your home, i agree these dark entities can latch on to others.
2. Do not go into meditation at this present time, you could be opening yourself for a jump in.
Jump ins or possession is when an entity can take over your body.
3. You may have picked up this entity from somewhere always be careful when you are out,if someone bumps into you always brush yourself off before returning home then shake yourself off before you enter your home.
4. If you fear this entity is outside the home place salt outside for protection.
5. When sleeping in your bed visualise a sphere above you make that sphere reach from your head to your toes and complete the circle by taking all round you under the bed and back again.
6. Place yourself in gold light this is the strongest energy many make the mistake to place white around them.
7. If this doesn't work you really need to get some holy water.
My thoughts are with you,
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