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Talking Re: The secret life of plants

Here we are in the middle of March, and it has been absolutely beautiful these last few weeks where I reside.
In fact, the weather has been so nice that I was able to get a jump start on this years garden. This will be my second go at gardening, and this time I even half know what I am doing.

I can't wait tell its ready! Yum I miss garden food so much. Who else is planting a garden this year?

Here are some pictures so far. Still a month off at least before I can plant it, but I've been starting all sorts of veggy plants already, and I'll just transplant when the soil is warm enough outside. Last year I never started my garden until the end of may, so I have a few months head start, and I'm pretty excited as already many of my plants are starting to bud...

This is the back garden, its going to by my juicing garden and personal garden mainly, some before and after pics:



And then this is the seed of life, but a little hard to make out in
the photo because of its size:

This next garden is in the same area as the first one. This one I make as a
giant pentagram.


Here is another garden in the works, this one is right by the back
porch of the house.


And here is a way to make organic starter pots incase you are trying
to cut plastics from your food chain.

And here is a panoramic shot of the full acreage, I'm hoping to get at least 6 acres or about 1/4 of it growing by the end of this year. All of it will be done using circles and stars, as well as other sacred geometric shapes.

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