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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

HI to all

Sorry i have not posted earlier,but felt a little drained form the whole Avebury experience,and needed time to refelect and re juvinate.

It was indeed an experience that will remain within my heart.

From meeting the 13 individually, with each individual talents,but as marius put in "no head at the table" this guy i look forward to meeting again (call you soon my friend)such strength of charachter was shown as he just turned up and was welcomed by all .

With all, in turn we each shared a special moment ,definately that feeling of always known/met before feeling .

I shared a great time with cyzmra a walk from the Barge inn to marlborough and the monty python style sketch that ensued at the bus stop(you had to be there),a great bond indeed i feel with each and cant wait till the next meet.

It's hard to emphasize how each meet with everybody was so easy and unreserved.

The meditation

Was a glorious feelling of deep relaxation and love,a warmth was truly felt and envigorated the soul.

All joined in in there own way,and a togetherness was felt that im sure will always last.

A combination of lightbeings mp3 Dayzero's earphones music was provided for Marius as he wished to use the file from phied/phireflye,was refreshing to see us work together to help each other
Marius has practised yoga for 5 years and offered some great insight

After the med we walked talked and some found it a need to visit recent cropcircle .

Again this experience was gotta be there moment,but a slight buzz of energy was felt .As mpea said after eating the flowers from the central rape seed,a feeling of being envigorated was experienced .kinda cool.

From this to a sit down meal a chat then back to camp for few beers and laughs.

Again another great experience unfolded ,as upon retun our quite campsite was now full to the brim for what was called "Lloyd fest" a private birthday party,with live rock music of all types was heard,not my genre but could not resist to bop to the tunes being strummed...

Rhythm you go girl...

To late night camp fire chats as me and swanny the last two standing was invited to a neighbours after party and was great to speak with like minded individuals with whom details have been exchanged and who knows more for the 31St July ? swanny keep doing that thing you do...your smile is contageous

The day really just kept building in momentum until shooting stars before sleep..

A great experience i would recommend to all..

People of all ages from uk and europe together in oneness....

I would like to thank swanny and mpea for all there assistance with transport(you guys really went above and beyond)

And to pea for getting me half way home & bed and breakfast.

The walk around your home town & local beauty spot was indeed a real treat for me and my family (look forward to this again some time soon)

And a great thankyou to all for being you , and for being there...

Look forward to 31st,anyone interested drop me a pm so to gauge the numbers for food.

As this time breakfast lunch picnics dinner etc etc will be made at the Nexus campsite to reduce costs as local pub grub proved quite expensive.

Also members who wish to come im sure we can pull together to share transport /tents we did this time (i just need to know and i'll do my best) would be great if more came next time

Love Light & Oneness

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