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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Steve, this is work in progress. It is changing and reshaping as we go. And it will certainly continue to change further.

I only pointed out that this has to be done on global scale and in the same time.

If not, we are wasting our time and energy, since spiritual groups are already doing this on thousands places. There is no single focus in this, no ultimate combined pulse of psionic energy.

Till today, there is no same combining sound, not the same vibrational state in milions and not same focus of conscious energy to alter the atomic structure of the Matrix.

I also agree with Phied on the times and also will adjust to tweaks that you/we find necessary for the majority to be accommodated.
I do not decide what is necessary for the majority. The idea was open for discussion and it was adopted after there was not even one different expressed opinion.

The option Phied come up is only few days old. And if solved properly I have no problem with it. My time is taken on other directions and Im sorry that I can not contribute more in solving this issue.

Once again, this is teamwork and the problems or anomalies should be openly discussed and we have to search for their best solutions.

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