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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I'm going to have to agree with mikey as well, I'm really worried if we shift around the time all the time we'll have definite synchronization problems. This way we can keep the same time every weekend and hopefully it will work out for everyone...

So then in this case it will have to be always for the Saturday for Americas and Europe and Sunday for Australia/N.Z...

I guess we can get this all settled and make the single correction on the page so that we stay consistent from here on in.

So, I guess we should hear from those of us at the "ends" of the time zone span, with Australia on the far left and Eastern Europe on the far right.

Particularly, for anyone in Australia on the Western coast or central who finds it a bit early, it is possible to shift it over to 9pm GMT, in which case we should check if anyone's participating from Eastern Europe time zone.

This also brings up the question, is it the next day for New Zealand, and the day of for Hawaii? That's to say, to be synchronized with 8pm GMT, those in New Zealand/Australia join in on the Sunday morning, with those in Hawaii participating on the Saturday morning?

I *think* this is the case, I always saw it as "waves" of new days taking off from the International Date Line and "going" West. I'm sure someone from N.Z. would know since they're right in that +12/-12 time zone.

Looks like we're closing in on the best solution.

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