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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The video file I made up was 393 mo. I could shrink it more with some sacrifices on the video quality. I would not touch the audio because it is imperative that the audio file be clean if we want the true effects to be experienced.

Like I said to Mikey yesterday I could have put up an audio file wilth the solfegios for this week it would have been nice to get used to the solfegios. Anyways it is too late now. I spent somehow a lot of time on this because when dealing with one hour video files it is not that easy to come up with good video resolution, audio quality and small weight. Everytime I render the file it takes me 4 hours. So I will be rebuilding it the best way I can for next week, I will try to comme up with something that will describe the solfegios and their impact on our body. I found a very nice animation that could do the trick but I need to synchronize it with each Solfegios. The file I sent to Alchemikey was those 2 combinations of the animations I found and the solfegios

8 animations for 8 solfegios but some animations were overlaping on 2 solfegios and I want it to be perfectly synchronized.

Astralwalker It would be a good Idea for you to watch at the video file I sent to Alchemikey to see if it is ok... before I start working on it this week.

Ok peace to you all!


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