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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that I have finished alterations to a "centering tool" that I had begun quite awhile ago. I wanted to release it as the precursor to the series of files described in an earlier post, that would be designed specifically to sympathetically resonate the chakras in progressive order.

The file is available here:

Its purpose is for centering ones energies before beginning the meditations being released as of 2010. In the meantime they can be used for centering oneself before using any audio or audiovisual-assisted meditation, or any traditional meditation technique as well.

The fractal structure set to harp in lydian mode, with accentuated overtones reinforced by ambient textures, will align internal energies led astray by the constant aetheric, auditory and visual noise in our modern lives.

I have been able to confirm repeatedly that the degree of focus found after centering oneself greatly outweighs that found when going straight from usual life into a meditation. I hope this proves to remain a consistent finding with our "ground crew" field group.

This having been said, I should now explain the structure for the meditations to be released in the months to come - knowledge of how they function should assist immensely in creating the desired effect for us all.

After the centering tool is used to focus ones energies in the minutes prior to the hour of the global synchronized meditation, the file(s) being used will remain identical in every aspect until a ways into the file (roughly at least 10-15 minutes into the hour).

The initial portion of all 7-8 files to be released will be to form a type of vibratory pyramid around the listeners frame of awareness, both isolating the internal energies from external modulation/interference, and also providing a cavitational effect for directing our collective energies towards the grid.

From that point in the file(s) onwards, perhaps the best analogy would be to picture "notches" on an amplifier, literally levels of magnitude by which we would be assisted to augment our energetic intention towards the common abstracted goals we share, those this project came to exist for in the first place.

Notches will be targeted at roughly 5 minute intervals following the introductory portion of the file, each new "extension" always building upon previously integrated material.

The idea here will be to have everyone training, including outside of the weekly timeframe for synchronized meditations, to become comfortable with the lastmost released file of the series. It may be possible, for interests sake, for me to later on release variations on the file series using different base audio material, while the psychoacoustic portions designed to create the above effect would remain the same.

This having been said, it will be important that everyone has tried a given file once on their own before using it as their guidance tool during the synchronized meditations themselves. If one finds a certain file too intense then they should revert to a previous file for the weekly meditations, until they are fully adjusted to it, after which they can try to step up again on their own time.

I'm not 100% sure on the timeline for the files, but the idea will be to have them all prepared well before the May date, so that everyone has had time to adjust themselves as much as possible, and this will give us time as well to promote the effort using the new material, and evidence of the specifically formulated system for accomplishing this by means (to my knowledge) never before attempted (yet highly plausible nonetheless).

I'll try to pop by more frequently to clarify on this and related topics of the project between now and the date of release for the first file, but keep in mind that it is the work on that file itself that will be keeping me away more than anything!

I hope everyone can hear in the centering file a little bit of what is being invested towards the meditation files themselves. It is clearly much too "energetic" to be meditation material itself of course, but I am referring more specifically to the crystaline structure of audio components that is what creates (in the case of the centering file) or maintains (in the case of the meditation files) an aligned and synchronized energetic matrix in the cerebral region of the brain - this effect can be invested of course into a much calmer audio file.

Take care everyone and looking forward to starting with you all on the new meditations in earnest come the new year.


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