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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

If things are coming to an end here and moving over (however smoothly) to another "Avalon 2", now might be a good time to reaffirm my commitment to providing a highly effective meditation file for the project for sometime this spring (ideally before the May 22nd date).

In the event the project loses it's coherence I will be trying to finish the 1.0 version of my site over at in that case.

So for everyone interested in carrying on the project to rebuild our meditation network once the new file(s) are ready, please bookmark this page and remember to check it from time to time for its eventual state of 1.0 completion.

At that same time (an obvious notice will be posted to the front page), the file will also become available, and we can rally in the forum already up and running over there.

Anyways just wanted to drop it and weigh in that I strongly feel under no circumstances should the project be allowed to lose all momentum. We are each doing the best we can under our various circumstances!

take care everyone,

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