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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Astralwalker View Post

Because, the Entity known as “All Seeing Eye”, will not allow us to live. It will do everything in its power to finish this before the Nexus arrives.

Trust me, I perfectly know what I’m talking about.
But as you said, we're going to die anyway.. What's the point on this?
Is it important to be alive the moment the Nexus arrives?
Else it doesn't matter if TPTB stay in business for the next few years.

If we fail with this…everything that we done before its for nothing.
Why? It doesnt make any sense.
The game will start again for those, who were collected by the "all seeing eye". All the others are going to be safed as you mentioned.
And if it's not a fight to safe the other souls, what else is it for?

No, you got it all wrong. The Galactic Nexus is the ultimate purpose.
Yeah, ok. I got this. But it arrives anyway, no matter if we're smashing our heads, dancing naked around a fireplace or meditate..
So whats the point when the Nexus arrives? Is it important the earth is vibrating in a specific frequency?

But if you remember, I have point out clearly, that this is for everyone who vibrates with this idea. For ones that are seeing the purpose of this.
Just because I'm asking questions to understand the meanig of all this, it doesn't say that it doesn't vibrate with me?
Else I wouldn't be here asking "dumb" questions.

And it’s not useless.
I've never said it seems useless. I was just asking questions to understand why we should do this.
I am willing to help, but I'm not Rambo, running around shooting everybody an asking questions later. (so to say)

You see, if every water molecule responds to our frequency and emotional charge, you can imagine what this generated energy field of fused consciousness can do to this Matrix and Mother Earth.
So it DOES make a difference in which frequency the earth is vibrating the moment the Nexus arrives?
But why? If the Nexus is wiping away all evil, than it doesn't make any difference if TPTB are in charge or chased away before..

The game has to start again, because we haven't finished our business in this dimension? But that wouldn't make any sense either, because this happens to the people who are collected by TPTB and not to them who are safed by the Nexus.

Thx. for your answers.
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