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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Just wanted to remind all of you-we are fractals of divine creator-therefore,we can never be lost EVER. (Pls see Law of one,pls see,pls see,

Pls do not set limitations-claim it. Claim Ascension.(Pls see Ramtha)
Pls do not fear-Lean towards light & Change!! Pls know that Paladians & Andromedans have done this Ascension Many,many times before.(Pls see
Bringers of the Dawn-Youtube & Google)
You are totally right Samarkis. We are moving towards the Light and there is Great Awakening everywhere. We all start to feel the connection between everything. So I totally agree that we are all Light, that we are all fractals of Divine Creator and that we can never be Lost. That is why we have to maintain the higher vibrational state, to get together, to tune into the exact wavelength of the Divine Creation and to assist in the Cosmic Plan and Purpose as much as we can.

Yes-I feel that the Meditations that Astralwalker wants to set up will "ease" our birthing pains, and yes it will be a good thing to meditate as a combined Unity, even those whom cannot make the trip may meditate in sync.
Yes. Everyone is welcomed to join the Meditations. If someone can not come to the sacred planetary sites physically we will greatly appreciate if he/she will join the field of planetary consciousness from his/her home.

But I still hold the opinion, that those acupuncture points of the planet are very very important because they are chakras of the Gaya.

Btw, as soon as we will determine the dates, times and finish the technical aspects of the planetary meditation we will make announcement so everyone who feels that we have to do this or vibrates with the idea, can join us.

Blessings to all!!
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