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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear Friends,

Its been few weeks since I have created this thread:

2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I believe that we are moving into something wonderful in 2012 but only if we show ourselves worthy of it.

There is plenty that we still have to do, for such short period of time.

Our Word is changing minute by minute. We are receiving new energy from outside and its changing the fundamental structure of our Solar System. The density between the dimensions is weakening and we are starting to feel the clear connection between them.

My perspective was and still is that everything is alive in the Universe. Every single spark of life or manifestation vibrates, pulsates and communicates with everything else in the Universe.

So we are all connected, and we are starting to feel that connection.

I believe that we are at the end of Long Cycle and most of us are facing Evolution.

The Matrix is rearranging it self, both in the Light and the Dark Side.

I believe that we are facing a choice that we have to take.

I hope it will be the right one.

We have only less then four years till the day that it was depicted in the Crop Formations on which we are seeing clearly the mass expansion of our Sun.

It does not take to be an astrophysicist to determine what kind of implications such event can bring to our planet.

Our scientists had already detected that there is something extraordinary going on in the center of Milky Way.

The ETs are showing us when the cosmic beams that I call Nexus event will be visible from Earth.

There are ones, who consider that my download is simple result of Project Blue Beam or simple micro-chip manipulations of malevolent extraterrestrial groups.

Im aware of all of them, and much more then like to reveal and I can assure you that this is not the case.

I have solid experience with this and I can determine from where the input is coming.

We have powerful security system that is called emotions.

If the download from the Psionic Field is false or has aggressive or has bad intentions your heart immediately senses this.

That is why keeping the pure heart at all cost is so important. We hold the basic substance of Universe and we have everything we need, we just dont realize this.

"They" insist that we pay attention to fractal geometry. From my point of view this download is solid. The data is real and it is alarming of possible 2012-2013 catastrophes if we do not do something about it!

From the bottom of my heart, I believe that planetary meditation is just a start.

It will start as test or experiment, but it will soon transform into something surprisingly powerful.

It will change the reality of this world, our Planet will start to vibrate with light even the people who will walk on the street will feel the difference.

My friend thinks that we can either choose to heal our planet or either to live it forever as a race when the Nexus as depicted in the crop formation will come.

I believe that we can achieve both.

In any case, I have achieved what I come here to achieve. I have delivered the message.

I hope we will have strength to resolve our differences, to unite as ONE and to show our true DIVINE NATURE that is hidden deep inside every each of us.

Thanks to everyone who helped in creation of this thread and who helped this message and perspective to reach as many people as possible.

Happy New Year Everyone!

I Love You ALL

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