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Default Today, the problem isnít over-population, itís over-consumption

Hi everyone. Since there is a thread about over-population, I will make one on over-consumption. Presently, my point-of-view tells me that there is no over-population problem, but rather an over-consumption problem, this is my view and here is why.

Knowing the Earth has limited resource and capacity, at a given number of inhabitants there is a maximum amount of resource available to consume. Or/and at a given amount of resource available to consume, there is a maximum number of inhabitants able to live without causing depletion. So, it is logical to know that there is a maximum number of people that Earth can sustain at a given amount of resource consumption for each inhabitant.

I do not agree with the over-population movement because of two reasons:

1-The maximum number of inhabitants Earth can sustain according to this movement. 500 millions.
2-The origin of this information, who are the sponsors. And the reasons behind.

My argument is that 500 million people on Earth is extremely under estimate Earth and humanity. So much, that it leaves few options. Or the ones who propagate this idea are completely insane, or they are totally unaware of Earth and human possibilities, or they know it too well and are not insane at all, but do it for the sake of more control over the global population... I think it is the later reason. Here is why.

The club of Rome is certainly the one group of people at the origin of this movement. It generates all sorts of studies about over-population problems since over 30 years. So, who created the Club of Rome? Here is a bit on its origin:

There are many known names appearing about the ones behind the scenes who sponsored this group. Those who know will recognize them. They are among the richest people on Earth and our voice is rarely listened by them. They have this old habit of saying to others what they should do and how to do it. Sponsoring the best studies to nail it firmly in our minds. Here is more on their claim on Earth population:

The Georgia guidestones are also a sign of the Elite’s origin behind this idea, especially the number of 500 million inhabitants on Earth:

A young man, spreading the vision of his fathers: (this link is broken) It was about the young Rothchild who began his crusade on over-population...

Some people pointing out the possibility of a hidden agenda from the Elite about population control:

What is population control and where it comes from:

On the other hand, if we take a look at the over-consumption problem, the first question to ask is what is the origin of this problem?

Well, it isn’t that hard to resume. Over consumption comes from an economical system based on consumption. The more consumption, the more production, the more production, the more economical growth, the more economical growth, the more profit... Health, food, transport, housing, etc... More than ever, the things we consume are designed to last a short time and to be addictive, so we ultimately have no much choice but to participate in it. What amazes me is the tremendous amount of energy and resources wasted in the process. If we would ONLY produce less waste and manage it with common sense, we could drastically diminish the depletion of Earth resources.

Why so much waste in our economical system? It makes me think of a sister in Brazil. When I lived in Brazil I was working with the CDDH. Centro de defesa dos direitos humanos. I witnessed a human movement that would change the life of hundreds of the poorest citizen of Earth. In Belo Horizonte, there was a group of poor people living from the waste of the city’s citizen. Traveling in the city’s streets, they filled up there small horse carriage with all sorts of recycling waste, like paper, metal, wood and plastic. Impressive piles of recycling material were created and organized to packed up and sell them to different industries who would use them for their production. Their work condition was precarious and insalubrious. No need to say their salary was pretty low. Then came this sister with a vision. She fought ten years meeting mayors and other officials to convince them to employ these people. After all, they were already working for the city’s best future and many people were gratifying about their work for the community. She gathered enough influential people around the idea and succeeded to make her vision come true. When I left Brazil in 1998, they were employed by the city. With a uniform provided by the city, the workers had a salary and vacation. This is a small example on how we could shift our direction when we look for solution to resource depletion.

Instead of promoting this kind of solution, the same rich persons who sponsor the idea about over-population are the ones creating all kind of addiction in the masses, so they can rest assured that we will always come back to their stores. You want to sell food and drink? Put some sugar in it! Or salt! The amount of sugar (in weight) consumed on Earth is more than twice the amount of fruits and vegetable consumed. Keep them sick, weak and addicted... It’s very profitable and they stay asleep this way... The amount of paper was supposed to be reduced with the coming of the computer. What happened instead, more than ever we consume papers. Printers are available so we go and print! We ask for it. Create the need and we’ll provide the product.

Where fits Free energy in the script? Nowhere, it was pushed aside and covered. We as a race were heading there, following our technological and scientific advancement. It is natural to design and produce new technology that would be used for the benefit of all, but not in a world were a rich Elite governs self appointed. Tesla was one among others who stumble across free energy. And it felt right in the hand of the Elite, if they could not make money with it, than nobody would have it:

Patents bought and locked hidden...

What about this fast food culture suddenly making its coming out in the ‘70s’? Once again, who profits and what are the consequences? No need for link I presume. The list goes on and on about entire sectors of our economy which are based on profits, consumerism and depletion of our resources. This is, in my point-of-view, the major problem Humanity is facing. The abyss between the richer and the poorer of our world is wide and increasing. We absolutely need to address this issue because all other attempt will lead to less freedom and more tyranny already way too much overused. This is where we will head if we accept this idea of over-population without addressing the real problem of the gap between riches and poors and the over consumerism system in which we are slaves.

If we take a step back and look at it with another point of view, more detached. Look at Earth’s nature, what is Earth’s nature? It is full of life and diversity of life. Life is abundant on Earth, it is its nature. 500 million is way too few for Earth. If we simply reduce our consumption and manage our waste with more responsibility, if we focus on respect of life instead of profits and money, if we address this issue of the increasing gap between riches and poors to reduce it by half of its size, Earth could maintain a population of 30 billion without even noticing a scratch.

What we need to do as a race is finding our rhythm. Earth and everything that lives has a rhythm. At a certain pace, we will maintain balance, but we need to do our part by addressing our own inner sickness mentioned above. Consuming with moderation, managing waste with common sense and imagination to reduce them to a minimum, and reducing the large gap between the poorers and the richers of our race. Sharing technologies that will bring FREE energy to the world. Let the real knowledge on health and how the body function to be shared with the public, so instead of poisoning us with food and pills, we will take care of our own little hiccup. Do I need to say, the richers have to be less, much less rich and participate actively in the real solutions. We the people are poorly represented at their courts.

The real living examples about solutions to another way of life are already here living their day-to-day life by millions. They have many names; I like to call them natives. I am not saying I envision to be as poor as they are, but rather as strong as they are. In a world where all will live a descent life without all these abominable economical gap...

My view...

Namaste, Steven

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