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Default Re: The Gore Report !

Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth is another tactic for fear mongering. Please keep that ***hole on your side of the border and out of our schools.
With some research into global effects one would discover the most highly probable reason.
Al Gore - An inconvenient truth

Al Gore and Rush Limbaugh have done the same as a lot of other mongers, taken pieces of the truth, twisted it, expounded on it and ran with it.
STDD (Same Tactic Different Day)
The BET’s are here but not of their own choosing. They were herded here as the Losers of the War. Can you just image being able to travel the galaxy, engaging in commerce etc. but nope, the BET’s can’t anymore. They are here, they’re stuck, and it is so ironic. We can observe them, their tactic, sociology, and biology etc., the shoe is on the other foot.

Reuter, your avatar is offensive, how come you are allowed to use such a gross image?

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