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Default Re: On Project Avalon 2: I am Impressed. A worthwhile Transition

2 days ago,
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It isn't a plot, it isn't a ruse, it isn't a cult. It's much worse than that...

It's people of Avalon, sharing, and doing what they've done for years, without all this baggage, suspicion, and cr@p. (yes, I said it again.)

I keep coming to AV1, looking for more to invite, and all that happens is my list gets shorter and shorter.

If there exists a bright corner in the universe where complaining about what doesn't exist anymore brings on orgasms of nirvana, I'm sure I'd have found it by now.

In the mean time, I'm stuck with putting energy into what I want more of, and for now, that's AV2.

"Life IS mystical! It's just that we're used to it"

Evil cannot be killed. Only redeemed.

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