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Default Re: Will you leave if the forum is a Paid Subscription?

Originally Posted by Brinty View Post
I haven't the foggiest idea what a forum like this costs to run but I do have an inkling of the cost of travelling the world to videotape interviews. So are those who won't pay to visit the forum, prepared to pay to see the videos instead?

In other words, user pays. The cost per individual would be nowhere near what it costs Bill and Kerry to travel and record the interviews which are very professionally done.

Some people spend money on alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. How many of those who do, won't pay to subscribe to this forum?

Please don't think I'm a moralist trying to show people the "right way." I'm just shining a light on what people consider to be an acceptable cost for them in their journey through life at this time. .
Hmm..a bottle of 2008 Rogue XS Imperial Stout or a paid subscription to Project Avalon/Project Camelot?

Both are worthy investments but I can't age the forum and drink it and come to think of it, I can't barter the forum if I need food and someone else needs booze.

Seriously, if the price to subscribe is reasonable, I could be persuaded.
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