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Default Re: Bailing out the Greek economy futile, says FRENCH banking chief

The Financial Crisis in Greece
Catherine and News & Commentary, February 16, 2010 at 12:02 pm


Greece is the Word
FOFA (12 Feb 2010)

What is John Paulson Doing in Greece?
LittleSys Blog (15 Feb 10)

EU Seeks Greek Swaps Disclosure After Ministry Probe (15 Feb 10)

Markets Give Greece Respite On Aid Hopes
Reuters (10 Feb 10)

Germany Backs Bailout For Greece As EU Seeks Expanded Power
GATA (09 Feb 10)

Germany Formulates Greece Aid Plan
MarketWatch (09 Feb 10)

Greek people resist paying for crisis

February 16, 2010: Engdahl: Goldman helped create Greek financial crisis and now EU and IMF want people to pay

VIDEO (9:12):

YouTube Channel: theREALnewsnetwork

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