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Default Re: Anybody from Norway around here?

Hello everybody

Another Norwegian in the count I live in the heart of Oslo (bummer).
I have been working on a evacuation plan for a while now. Got some estate in the eastern mountains in here in Norway, with plenty of good hunting grounds right on the door-step. When it comes to armed conflicts scenario some members are discussing in this thread i have to say i don't disagree or agree on that particular point. Since the risk of having a hostile government is there, i can't totally oppose that action in general. There must be, and always has been a civil defense of some sort. I am prepared to organize soon. If people want to communicate with me personally in Norway or from either location in the world, please send me a PM, and i will give you contact info. I have plans for 2 scenarios: 1. 2-12 people at secluded mountain lodge. 2. up to 250 people in a large mountain hotel somewhat secluded. ( possibility for private water pump. This is a "plan-in-constant-development", so it's important to gather people with different skills and persona for scenario 2 to work. Good luck everybody, and may peace be with you all


Ha en fin dag

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