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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Sanat View Post
Fire the Grid the sequel

Fire the Grid II (July 28, 2009)[/COLOR]. I have measured that around 5.6 - 5.7 million people participated in the global meditation in July 2007. I think the one this summer has the potential to be even bigger.

Can I get a clarification on the number of people needed in order to get this thing off the ground? I was under the impression that there was only 7-8,000 people needed to make the break through? Sorry if I have this wrong. Just need the info for my own reseaerch on clearing the runways.
Hi Lawlessline,

7000 – 8000 on every continent will probably do the psionic work done, but those have to be very powerful, so the more people combine their strength and intent – the greater effect we will have.

Spined crop designs will do something to the bio processors of our biological computers that no other meditative or esoteric technique did so far. It will make them more capable then before.

Most will find it difficult...usually ones who are still attached to old ways and still not ready for the next step. They will not stand watching at rotations on different speed and switching direction of spin and all those 3D images that it will appear inside the consciousness.

...Some reader: "Yeah right. Black Government secret project of mind control and subliminal programming. I do not want any part of this..."

To spare myself hours of writing and explanation that this simple is not the case I will write only the next few lines:

If someone does not resonate with this, or do not trust me, than it’s perfectly ok to abort this effort, listen to his/her heart and do what is says. From time to time, I read some posts on other threads and for a unknown number of times I have to put it out...>> no misuse, taking advantage or stealing of your energy is on the run. No Elite or Shadow Government black project is laughing at you. No satellites or HAARP ready to steal our energy...What you see is what you get.

And no ETs are manipulating me, or manipulate all of you via me...luck of experience and prejudices had made many belief systems that are completely false.

I have communicated with other forms as same as I communicate with ordinary persons that we observe as human kind. There are many races out there who respect the life and creation more than we can imagine in this moment.

Only negativity and fear feed those races that you fear. Once those vibrational states are gone and you vibrate will Love, Harmony and Peace...those cannot stand the vibration and they will surely retreat.

It’s like when you are descasting of something – you do not want to have anything more to do with it. They cannot stand balanced vibration of peace, joy and happiness on a constant base.

So we have to change the level of our brain functionality, we have to download the software that is hidden in the crop designs.

That input contains the drivers for many brain centers that are out of use to become functional inside our bio-computer. It will start from there...
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